Journaling Help part 2

Journaling Help part 2

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New or Old School Journals?

Is it better to have a digital journal or an old fashion paper-based journal? There are pros and cons for both sides of the “to digital or not to digital” question.  

Digital Journals

A lot of people say that the new digital journals are safe and secure, but they also recommend changing passwords on a regular basis and using a VPN etc etc. I know people that have lost their access because they forgot the password etc. Having said that, digital journals can sometimes incorporate voice recorded notes that are converted to text (some with good Voice to text accuracy others not so good.) digital journals can incorporate pictures from your phone etc. Some people these days type way faster than they can write, thus it could be a question of efficacy. Digital journals can be formatted in a multitude of ways, with different coloured pages, ink, motifs etc. There is a lot going for digital journals.

It can be harder (Device dependent) to draw or sketch on a phone.  Phones also need to be charged and they do not like to be dropped. Digital journals do offer spell check, but if you know what you meant it does not really matter how you spelt (ie spelled or Speld) it, as long as you know what you meant.

These days your mobile phone can be everything including but not limited too - your payment system, diary, camera, MP3 Player (for those that are old enough to remember), Personal digital assistant, email, SMS, navigation aid, Facebook etc, etc.. oh and not to forget an actual telephonic communication device.  

If you lose your phone and your journal is cloud based then all is not lost. However, being cloud based may not be as awesome as we first think, if some people worry about a paper-based journal being read by someone close to them, then you have to remember that a digital journal is exposed to hackers the world over and could be released to the internet en masse, I guess nothing is perfect.

Paper Journals

Sometimes it is good to disconnect from the digital world and put pen/pencil to paper, maybe it is the digital world that is driving your stress, anxiety, depression etc. There is a comfort that I feel from the flowing tactility of writing and drawing on paper as opposed to the stuttery tippy tapping typing of a keyboard or touchscreen. Also, paper journals do not require charging and do not break so easily when dropped, nor do they cost as much. But as batteries run low so does the ink in pens or the lead in pencils. These days it can be easier to find a charger then a pencil sharpener. But it all comes down to individual circumstances and personal choice.


But there is another option, what happens if we run both a digital journal and a paper journal. At the end of the day, it is about you and if journaling help does it really matter how it is done?

As I mentioned before, It all comes down to personal choice and your own specific circumstances.

Business Journaling

I am a Maker/Artist and a businessman, journaling my ideas helps me work through all sorts of problems – technical, supply chain, aesthetic, confidence, marketing, etc, etc. I do find, that once I write something in my journal, I tend not to forget it.

Journaling Worries

If you are worried about others reading your journal, you really need to ask yourself the following questions-

  1. Am I in a safe environment, a nurturing environment?
  2. Is there a healthy amount of mutual respect in my environment?
  3. Are there clear personal boundaries for every individual?
  4. Am I free to think (and therefore write) what I want in my journal.

If any of your answers were in the negative, you may be in an abusive relationship. Click Here for organisations that may be able to help.


A General Warning about Journaling

It is possible that a journal or diary could be used against you in a legal matter as evidence. It does depend on a lot of factors that I am not qualified to go into but if you are having legal issues, be mindful of the consequences if your journal were to be seized as evidence.

If you are in an abusive situation, be it with a spouse, cult, religious organisation, employer etc, your journal could also get you into trouble.

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