How to Care for your Pillar Candles so they last longer

How to Care for your Pillar Candles so they last longer

Many of us love the ambience of candles and we invest good money on purchasing them, with some candles being very expensive, however few of us truly know how to care of our Candles to get the most out of our purchases.

These are the simple steps to take if you would like to get the most out of your Pillar Candles and extend their longevity.

Trimming the Wick

Prior to lighting your candle for the first time the wick should be trimmed to approx. 6mm or 1/4 inch. This prevents the flame from getting too large and producing soot.  

As your candle burns down, the wick will naturally get longer. To keep it trimmed to 6mm, when the wick is newly extinguished, inspect it and check that the wick is free of debris.  Next, carefully place the wick into the molten candlewax without damaging the wick, and then return it to it's upright position before the wax solidifies (a wick dipper is a useful tool for this).  

Trim your wick to 6mm above the candle while the wick is still soft- i.e. before the wax solidifies. Following these simple steps will help to prevent sooting and mushrooming of the flame.

candle wick trimmer in front of glass candle

Where to place your Candle

Keep your candles away from draughts

It may seem simple, but avoiding draughts is key to a clean burning candle. Not only does it produce a better ambiance- i.e. avoiding flickering candles, it is also better for the longevity of your candle. Draughts can cause your candle to burn unevenly and produce excess smoke, especially if your candle is made of paraffin- beeswax candles do not produce as much smoke click here to view our post on beeswax candles).

pillar candle on wooden table


The best way to light your Pillar Candles

There are many ways to light a candle. Matches or a gas lighter are the most common ways, however now days there are also rechargeable arc lighters. Arc lighters have really changed the game when it comes to lighting candles. If there does happen to be a slight breeze, it will not interfere with the ability of the lighter to work. Also being rechargeable and not producing an actual flame, makes it a more sustainable way of producing fire than having to constantly purchase matches or purchase/ refill gas lighters.

How long should you burn your Candle?

Candle preparation- How to set up your Candles "memory"

In order for your Pillar Candles to burn efficiently you need to set up a candle "memory" which involves burning your candle for 1 hr for every 2.5cm of its diameter the first time you light it. This allows the wax pool produced by the candle to extend to the outer rim and becomes the point to which the candle will burn every time you light it thereafter.

How long should you burn your candle for?

Once you have set up the candle memory, you can burn your candles for longer than 1 hour, but not longer than 3 hours at a time if you want to avoid excessive smoking and mushrooming of the flame.

How to Extinguish your Candles

The best way to extinguish a candle is by using  a candle snuffer. When you want to extinguish the flame simply place the snuffer over it. This is not just a good way to extinguish the flame, but it also produces less smoke and smell if it is a paraffin candle.

silver candle snuffer above lit beeswax candle on white background


How to Properly Store your Pillar Candles

In general all candles should be stored in a cool, dry  environment away from direct sunlight, such as a cupboard or a drawer. This ensures that the candles retain their lovely colour, as well as scent (if they are scented). To prevent warping lay your pillar candles on their side. Certain candles are more prone to warping or melting and this depends on the wax used in them. Beeswax for instance, has a higher density than paraffin which is why it takes longer to burn and also why it is not as likely to melt as other types of candles. 

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