Progress Not Perfection- Heading Towards Zero Waste

Progress Not Perfection- Heading Towards Zero Waste


So sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Bec. The face behind the keyboard.

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I would say that I like long walks, and swimming at the beach, and making stuff. And it would all be true! But the more time I spend outside looking at all the things I love, the more I realise that it could all disappear if we don't do anything to help it. 

It is easy to go through life, doing what we've always done. And

Change Is Hard.

This is why this blog is focused on 3 little words, that together mean so much:

Progress Not Perfection

Like many of you, out there, doing your thing on the internet, I've often been discouraged by the false idea of perfection- You know what I'm talking about.

The Instagram/ You Tube influencers- a woman who fits a years worth of rubbish into a jar.

It's just not realistic.


#zerowaste progress

Photo by Brett Jordan


It's like a diet. We start it with all the hopes in the world. Then when we don't see results

We Fall Off The Wagon.

It happens slowly at first, then it spirals out of control and we usually end up  in a worse place. This is where I am at. My wagon has crashed sooo many times! I would love to say that I am perfect, but then again, if I was, there would be nothing to work on- 

And that would be boring!

It is my intention with this blog, to explore the world of Zero Waste Living and Sustainability. To explain why we choose the ingredients we do to make our products, to share new finds and hopefully to learn from you along the way.

 Photo by Hayley Seibel

I would love to hear how your journey is going towards living a more sustainable life, and what ideas you have about the topic.

Tell me 

What does Sustainability and Eco Friendly Living mean to you?? How do you think we can move towards Zero Waste?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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