20 Tools Every Witch Needs In Their Magickal Toolkit

20 Tools Every Witch Needs In Their Magickal Toolkit

As you progress on a never ending journey through esotericism and witchcraft, there are a few basic tools that pop up. Depending upon your chosen practise, these tools can be an accessory or a necessity of your craft.

Here we look at the 20 tools that every with needs in their magickal toolkit:

  1. Athame: A ritual knife or dagger used for directing energy, casting circles, and cutting energetic ties.
  2. Wand: A symbolic tool used for channelling and directing energy during spells and rituals.
  3. Chalice: A cup or goblet used to hold liquids, often representing the element of water, and used in rituals and ceremonies.
  4. Pentacle: A flat disc or plate often inscribed with a pentagram, representing the connectedness of the 5 elements. It is sometimes used for consecration and charging.
  5. Candles: Used for setting intentions, visualization, and energy work. Different coloured candles correspond to specific intentions or magical purposes.
  6. Incense: Used for purification, setting the mood, and enhancing rituals. Different scents may have specific correspondences.
  7. Crystals and Gemstones: Used for their energetic properties, healing, divination, and enhancing magical workings.
  8. Tarot or Oracle Cards: Used for divination, insight, and guidance.
  9. Book of Shadows: A personal journal or grimoire where witches record their spells, rituals, experiences, and magical knowledge.
  10. Herbs and Essential Oils: Used in spellcasting, potions, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy.
  11. Cauldron: A pot or vessel used for brewing potions and burning herbs or incense. The cauldron symbolises the womb and as such represents transformation and magic.beeswax dinner candle sitting n a small cauldron next to an altar bell, in front of a book of shadows and large cauldron, with a gold embellished candle snuffer in the foreground
  12. Bells: Used to mark the beginning and end of rituals, clearing energy, and raising vibrations.
  13. Mortar and Pestle: Used for grinding herbs, spices, and other ingredients in spellwork and potion-making.
  14. Pendulum: A weighted object suspended on a string or chain used for divination and receiving answers from the subconscious mind.
  15. Besom/Broom: A symbolic tool used for sweeping energy, cleansing spaces, and ritual purposes.
  16. Altar Cloth: A fabric or cloth used to cover the altar or workspace, often chosen to correspond with specific intentions or seasons.
  17. Offering Bowl: A vessel used for making offerings to deities, spirits, or elements during rituals and ceremonies.
  18. Scrying Mirror: A reflective surface used for divination and accessing deeper states of consciousness.
  19. Runes: A set of ancient symbols used for divination, guidance, and spellwork.
  20. Ritual Robe or Clothing: Special clothing worn during rituals to create a focused and sacred atmosphere.

Remember, these tools are not mandatory, and depending upon your chosen practice may not even be appropriate. As always, you can adapt and personalize your practice based on what resonates with you.

As you progress in your magickal journey, you may discover additional tools or decide to focus more on certain aspects of witchcraft that call to you.

Let us know which tools you cannot live without!

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