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How To Cast Runes - Basic Rune Casting Techniques

When people talk about using Runes for divination and magick, they are usually referring to the process of casting Runes.

What Is Rune Casting?

Rune casting is the process of seeking guidance from the Runes. Casting is a method which involves laying out or “casting” the Runes. The pattern in which they are cast can be specific or random.

There are two main ways in which to cast Runes:

Laying Runes:

  • Lay the Runes face down on a flat surface (you can use a table, or you can lay them on an altar or tarot cloth for extra protection).
  • Place your hand above the Runes and ask your question.
  • Turn over the Runes that you are most drawn to.
  • These Runes represent the answer to your question.

Random Selection:

  • You can also select your Runes directly from their pouch.
  • Ask your question
  • Place your hand in the Rune pouch and retrieve your answer.
Wooden circle with runic symbol "fehu" om a table next to a clear quartz crystal

When it comes to casting Runes, neither method is superior. You may even choose to use both depending upon your question. If you have a simple question you may choose to simply draw one at random from the bag, or you may choose to lay them out for a more considered or complex question.

The best way will be determined by your individual results.

It is important to remember that the Runes will not give definitive answers to a question. The answers provided by the Runes will be broad. It is your job to use your intuition and critical thinking skills to interpret the meaning of the answers given.

The Runes, being as old as they are, may seem simple, however the distance between their origins and the current day can make them a difficult tool to grasp. They require critical thinking and intuition.

Treat the Runes with respect, and, as is the case with all divination tools, the more you use them, the more you will build a report with them. Try different Rune spreads/ casting methods and see which ones resonate with you.

Let us know what your favourite method for Rune casting is in the comments section below.

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