How to invite fairies and magical creatures into your garden

How to invite fairies and magical creatures into your garden

Photograph by Allison Archer

Create a safe haven

One of the main ways to invite the fairy folk into your garden or home is by creating a safe haven for the fairies. In order to do this, choose an area that is not inundated with traffic, remember the fairies are secretive and do not like to be seen unless they choose to be. A safe haven could be inside or outside, as long as it is sheltered from the elements.  You can create areas that fairies recognise as magical such as rock circles, so that they know that the area is a safe haven.


Give offerings

Fairies are known for their love of gifts and sweet things. Offering gifts let's the fairies know that they are welcome in your home and garden. This is why people will often leave offerings of flowers, little notes, crystals and shells. Fairies love gifts from nature, as long as they are not taken at the cost of the natural world. Ensure that any gifts can be broken down and give life to the environment, hence not plastic etc.


 Photograph by Andy Kelly


Make it colourful

Like children, fairies like all things colourful, especially their offerings. If you are going to collect shells etc for the fairies, try to get a good selection of shapes and colours so that they will favour the special space that you have created for them.


Add a fairy door

Another way to invite the fairy folk into your surroundings is by putting a fairy door in your home. This creates a magical portal and signifies a safe haven for fairies to come and go as they please. In keeping with their love of nature your fairy door should be made of natural materials, wood, stone etc, try to avoid plastics. 


 Photograph by Ronin Clenton 


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