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How To Protect & Store Your Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot cards are a valuable magickal tool however they also have a tendency to be fragile. Some of the Tarot cards available these days are a heavier cardstock, however generally speaking, Tarot cards tend to be quite fragile. Many practitioners actually prefer the thinner, more card like cards, rather than the plastic coated ones simply for ease of shuffling. This does however pose some problems, especially protecting them whilst travelling.

When looking at how you can best protect your Tarot and Oracle cards there are a few things to consider- How you shuffle them, where you store them and how you store them.

How you shuffle Your Tarot Cards

Tarot cards and Oracle cards are similar to playing cards, however if you have a deck that you really love, you may want to refrain from shuffling them the same

person shuffling tarot cards using the riffle method

way as you would a deck of cards being dealt in a game. The "riffle shuffle"(seen on the right) may look cool in movies and casinos, however it will also bend your cards so I'd definitely avoid this technique if you plan on keeping your Tarot or Oracle cards for a long time. Using a different technique such as the "overhand shuffle", limits the damage to your cards so they stay in good condition for longer.

Where you store your Tarot Cards

Tarot and Oracle Cards, being primarily made from paper, are inherently fragile. They are easily bent and damaged and therefore should be with care. To ensure your cards are kept like new follow these simple steps:

  1. Store your Tarot cards in a dry, cool place such as a box, Tarot cloth or Tarot bag on your altar or in a cupboard or bookcase.
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  2. Store your Tarot & Oracle cards away from the light to avoid their pictures from fading- again keep them in their box or cloth.
  3. Store your Tarot and Oracle cards away from water. This may seem obvious but if you keep your cards on your altar where you may place offerings or chalices with water, refrain from placing them near these items as they can spill and ruin your favourite cards.
  4. Store them in a sacred space away from sight- This is not so much to keep them protected from physical harm, but rather to keep them safe from negative energies and accidental damage from people who do not understand their value. Your Tarot cloth/bag can help create a barrier between your Tarot cards and their external environment, but when possible, keep them safely tucked away from sight so that people cannot touch them. Even though many people are interested in Tarot cards (they are cool afterall) it doesn't mean that they value them like you do, and accidents happen, so the best way to keep them protected is to keep them out of sight.


How You Store Your Tarot Cards

Storing your cards properly is the best way to protect them. There are several ways to store your Tarot and Oracle cards, none of them being better than the others.

A few of the best methods to protect your Tarot cards at home and whilst travelling are:

  1. Keep them in their original box- The original box that your Tarot or Oracle cards came in is probably the best way to keep them protected especially whilst travelling. Even though this is not the prettiest way to store them, the box has been made to keep them safe whilst travelling long distances. It holds them securely together and is made to their exact size so they will not move in transit (And if you do not like the look of the box, you can always place the box into a bag/cloth/ornate box for even safer travel!)
  2. Place them in a Tarot Bag- Tarot bags are a great way to protect
    purple tarot bag with tarot cards
    your cards at home and whilst travelling and can be found with protective symbols on them or simply nice designs to suit your aesthetic. There are numerous Tarot bag designs to choose from including the ones that we sell here.
  3. Wrap them in a Tarot Cloth- Tarot cloths are the original way to store Tarot cards. They function as a protective element between your cards and the external environment, whilst also doubling as a safe space for laying out your cards when you are performing your Tarot reading. 
  4. Keep them in a Tarot box- You can find boxes that have been especially designed to hold your Tarot cards or just nice boxes that fit your desired aesthetic. A Tarot box is less convenient for travelling as they tend to be slightly bulkier and therefore heavier (and sometimes fragile), however they are a fantastic way to keep them in your home/sacred space.


What To Consider When Choosing A Tarot Storage Solution

  1. How you primarily use your cards- If you are a solitary Tarot reader who uses their cards for personal and family use and they

    Tarot Cards being dealt on a Tarot Cloth

    never leave your house, you may choose a box or bag to store your cards, however if you are a professional Tarot reader who travels, or simply someone who does a lot of readings for other people, you may prefer a Tarot cloth so that your cards are protected when you are performing readings in places where you have limited control over your surroundings.

  2. The size of your Tarot or Oracle Cards- As you most probably know, not all cards are created equally- and that goes for their size also. For example, amongst my own collection I have the "Standard Rider Waite Tarot Cards" which are approx 12.5cm x 7.5cm and I also own a "Crystal Ally Cards" deck where the cards are 15.5cm x 10cm. As you can see, they most likely won't fit the same boxes/bags. Tip: Always check the internal dimensions of the box you are buying so that your cards will fit! Many boxes are large on the outside, but have thick walls!
  3. Your aesthetic- It may seem trivial, but if you do not like your chosen storage solution you won't use it! 

Whichever method you choose to keep your Tarot or Oracle cards protected, the more securely they are held together, the less chance there is of them ripping/bending, thus ensuring that they are functional for years to come.

Let us know what your favourite way of storing your cards is. Are there any other storage options that we have missed? We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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