Kitchen Magic Using Bay Leaves- Folk Magic From Your Pantry

Kitchen Magic Using Bay Leaves- Folk Magic From Your Pantry

Some of the best types of magic come from the simplest of ingredients! 

Folk magic is a type of magic performed by everyday people i.e. folk (think townsfolk etc). Folk Magic tends to utilise a lot of simple everyday ingredients that a person would have ready access to such as herbs, candles, string etc. 

One of the simplest types of spells used in folk magic involves manifesting your desires using a simple spell involving dried bay leaves (if you do not have these already in your pantry, they can be found fairly cheaply in the herb and spice section of all large supermarkets).

This spell requires that you write down your wish on a bay leaf and burn it, releasing it to the universe. Whenever you are performing any type of manifestation spell, write as though you already have your desired outcome- e.g. I have the $1000 extra that I need for my car repayments in the bank 1 week before payment is due. Be specific.

Cauldron sitting on an apothecary herb cabinet with bay leaves, bottles of herbs and a silver chalice with a pentagramsymbol

A cauldron is ideal for spells such as this one because not only is it fireproof, it is also a symbol of the Goddess and the creative forces of transformation. If you do not have a cauldron, any heatproof bowl will suffice.


The materials you need include:

  • Dried Bay leaves 
  • Candle
  • Tongs 
  • Matches/lighter
  • Cauldron or a fireproof dish

Let's perform a spell!

  1. Take one or more bay leaves and a pen or marker.
  2. Light your candle, ensuring that you are in a draught free area away from flammable materials.
  3. On your bay leaf, write down something that you wish to manifest or a goal that you wish to achieve. 
  4. Hold the bay leaves in your hands and visualize your desires as though they have already manifested. Focus on the feeling of already having achieved your goals.
  5. Take your bay leaf in your tongs and carefully hold it in the flame until it burns almost entirely (be careful, they can spit!).
  6. Place it in the cauldron and watch as your desires are transformed and sent out into the universe to be manifested into reality!

It truly is that simple and it is definitely worth giving it a try! 

Let us know if you try this and what your experiences are!

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