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Magical Manifestations: What Are Figure Candles And How Can You Use Them?

Within the world of candle magic there are many different types of candles. One of the categories of candles that are often used, but may not be as common as the chime spell candles, are the figure candles. Figure candles are used in sympathetic magic and are made to be representations of actual objects. They often represent a shape/symbol, an animal, a human or a body part. There are many different types of figure candles, some for magic purposes, some for decorative purposes. Below we have listed the most common figure candles used in candle magic and what they are used for.

What the individual figure candles represent

7 Knob Candles

7 knob candles are for wishing and general magic. Designed around the seven wishes spell, they're also used for working through complex issues where there are multiple steps e.g. finding love, paying off debts etc. This candle can be anointed with oils and herbs and carved with your intentions. It is burnt over 7 days- burning 1 knob every day for 7 days.

Pyramid Figure Candles

 A powerful symbol, the pyramid represents stability. The shape grounds, focuses and increases the power of the practitioner’s intention, bringing power to and speeding up the final manifestation.

pink and white handmade candle in the shape of a pyramid

Cat Figure Candles

Represents magick, luck, protection, hexing and persistence. Use a cat candle to manifest luck and success in that which seems out of the way or elusive. Can also be used to communicate further with your familiar. Black cat candles can be used to hex or break a hex.

Cross Figure Candles

Use a cross candle anointed to pray for divine protection. It can also represent your own crossroads and can be used to clear a crossed condition.

Devil Figure Candles

The devil figure candle is used for banishing evil and sending away negativity. It can also be used to bring earthly desires such as power, money and love.

Skull Figure Candles

Skull figure candles are used when working with the mind/intellect. They are used to connect to another person’s mind to either influence it, read it, or confuse it.

A candle of choice for practitioners performing ancestor magic and connecting with spirits, the skull candle is used by carving the name of the individual you wish to contact and anointing it with herbs and oils and placing it in a central location on your altar.

White skull figure candles are used to connect with the dead, whereas black skull candles are used in stopping psychic attack, reversing magic, banishing, and binding. Skull figure candles can also be used in healing spells to connect with the whole spirit and the root of a problem.

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Human Figure Candles

Human figure candles are generally male and female shaped candles and are used in love spells, healing spells and control and protection spells.

Human figure candles represent the individual whose behaviour you want to change. They can be used in spells to draw someone in or send them away.

Human Figure candles can be used to represent an individual known to the practitioner in a sexual way (naked figure candle) or someone not known or desired to be a sexual partner (clothed figure candle), they can even represent someone who is completely unknown to the practitioner. Unclothed they are  generally  referred to as lovers candles.

Naked Lovers Figure Candles

Generally sold as Adam & Eve candles, these candles represent the first man and woman, therefore all men and women. The lovers figure candles represent existing relationships. This candle is for love, lust, and sex. The lovers figure candles are used to ignite passion, reconcile partners, and keep outside influences away from existing relationships. They can also be used in place of a marriage candle as they represent a couple. A black lovers candle can also be used to end a relationship or stop an old lover trying to reignite a flame so to speak.

Human figure candle colours are chosen based upon the purpose of the spell i.e. red for sex/passion, pink for love, green for money etc.

If you wish your candle to represent a specific individual who is known to you, carve their name in the base of the candle and place a name paper underneath your candle.

Figure candles can be used together or separately according to your intentions.

Genitalia Figure Candles

Used to draw a new lover, increase passion in an existing relationship and keep a partner interested and faithful in a relationship.

They can be used to either draw a love of the specific sex pertaining to the candle towards you or can be used to represent yourself in a spell to increase your own sexual appeal.

Marriage Figure Candles

As the name implies, marriage figure candles are used in all areas of marriage- they are used to initiate it, to heal it or to end it.

The marriage figure candles, unlike the lovers’ candles mainly correspond to the actual union/relationship, not the physical sexual relationship. As always the different colours correspond to the different intentions of the spell (e.g. green for fertility in marriage, black to end a marriage etc)

If you do not have a marriage figure candle, you could tie two figure candles together with a string or cord to create your own marriage candle.

white marriage candle on a wooden table

Aside from the candles listed here, there are many more types of figure candles available and many different applications in which they can be used. As with most forms of magic, it is up to the practitioner to decide on what their candle represents. Even though the Adam and Eve candles are generally thought of to be sexual, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be.

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