Magickal Properties Of Herbs- Lavender

Magickal Properties Of Herbs- Lavender

Magickal Uses Of Lavender

When compiling a list of magical plants, there is one plant that we cannot forget

dried lavender flowers in a glass jar

about. Having been used throughout history for a multitude of magickal and mundane practices, this plant truly reigns supreme. What is this magical plant you ask? It is none other than Lavender.

Lavender (Lavendula officinalis, Lavendula angustifolia, or Lavendula vera), is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean, however nowadays it is grown worldwide wherever conditions are suitable. Lavender especially thrives in hot dry climates with good soil drainage. Lavender, a word derived from Latin lavare “to wash”, was well known to the Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks,and Romans and was utilised for a multitude of purposes including for cleansing, as a fragrance and as a medicine.

Magickal Properties Of Lavender

Folk Names: Spike, Elf leaf, Nard, Nardus

Gender: Masculine/ Hot

Air element symbol

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air/ Water

Deities: Demeter, Cernunnos, Hecate, Saturn, Brighid.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo

Daily Correspondence: Wednesday

Powers: Chastity; Happiness; Healing; Longevity; Love; Money; Peace; Protection; Purification; Sleep and Spiritual development.

Parts Used: Flowers, essential oils, leaves.

The herbaceous, slightly floral scent of lavender has been favoured amongst many people throughout the ages and has no doubt added to its use as a magickal herb.

Some of the magickal uses of Lavender are as follows:

  1. Protection: Lavender can be worn to protect against the Evil Eye.
  2. Love: Lavender has long been used in love spells and is said to be particularly effective at attracting the attention of men. It is one of the scents that was historically worn by prostitutes to entice clients.
  3. Chastity: funnily enough, whilst lavender had been said to attract love, it is also said to aid in helping one maintain their chastity- carrying Lavender and Rosemary together is said to be particularly helpful in this.
  4. Peace: Long been known as a herb or calm, Lavender can help one to
    woman smelling lavender in a field
    maintain peace and calm.
  5. HappinessLavender Oil eases depression and induces feelings of happiness.
  6. Longevity: The scent of Lavender is said to increase longevity in those who use it regularly.
  7. Healing: Lavender is said to promote healing.
  8. Mediumship: carrying lavender is said to increase one’s ability to see ghosts.
  9. Money: Lavender can be used to promote financial wealth and business success.
  10. Spiritual Development: Lavender is said to have a very high spiritual vibration and the purple flowers of the Lavender plant are connected with the Crown chakra and can help one to increase their spiritual development.
  11. A Fairy Herb: Lavender is said to entice the Fae Folk into your garden which is said to bring blessings to the home.

How To Use Lavender in Magick

  1. Add a drop of Lavender oil or rub Lavender on stationary when writing love notes/spells to increase their potency.
  2. Add Lavender to your clothing to attract love.
  3. Add Lavender Oil to your candle anointing oil when conducting love spells (especially spells to attract a male partner).
  4. You can also use Lavender perfume oil or diluted Lavender essential oil (Lavender oil diluted in a carrier oil) to anoint a charm to wear daily for this same purpose.
  5. Burn the herb Lavender or add Lavender oil to an oil burner prior to going to bed to help induce a peaceful night’s sleep.
    Man sleeping soundly next to an essential oil diffuser
  6. Scatter Lavender around the house or burn lavender oil in an oil burner to encourage a peaceful home atmosphere.
  7. Rub some Lavender perfume oil, diluted Lavender essential oil (Lavender oil diluted in a carrier oil) on your body or carry a sprig of Lavender to provide protection against the Evil eye (If you don’t know what the Evil Eye is, check out our blog post here.
  8. When performing a purification bath add a sachet of dried Lavender or Lavender Essential oil to the bath water and soak in its purifying properties.
  9. Add Lavender Oil to a diffuser or burn Lavender incense whilst meditating to help increase spiritual development and open the Crown chakra.
  10. Add Lavender sprigs to your smudge stick/ smoke cleansing herb bundlelavender planted outside a house and use to cleanse the negative energies from your home and sacred space.
  11. Add Lavender to healing sachets to promote healing.
  12. Plant a Lavender bush in your front yard at the entrance to your home so
    that all who walk past it are purified of negativity prior to entering your home and sacred space.


Let us know what you think about this fantastic herb. Do you use it in your magickal practice?  We'd love to hear your experiences.

Please note: This information is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice. 

*Lavender should be avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.

*Please conduct your own research prior to undertaking working with any herbs. As much as they are natural, they are also powerful and should be treated with the respect that they deserve.

 *Most of this information has been taken from a Eurocentric viewpoint- it may, or may not, be culturally applicable to those with different ancestry.


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