Busting 7 Common Myths about Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading

Busting 7 Common Myths about Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading

1. Tarot Cards need  to be psychically charged by a Psychic Tarot Reader prior to purchase or else they won't work...

I'm not sure where this one came from. My guess would be that this theory came from a con artist attempting to sell the cards for more than they were valued at by saying that a new deck of cards would not work. This is total Bull#^*t ! Tarot cards work off the owners own intuition, in fact you do not need to be psychic in order to learn or be proficient at the Tarot. 

If you do hear this, just know that you not only do not have to have psychic abilities to read Tarot cards, but you also do not have to pay for Tarot cards that have been touched by a psychic or owned by a psychic in order for them to work- remember it is you doing the Tarot reading, not the cards, so unless the psychic somehow transferred their abilities to you whilst handing you the cards, you have just been sold a load of s#^*t!


2. You need special cards to read Tarot...

This one is also not true. In fact standard playing cards with the 4 different suits can also be used to read the Tarot, however, over the years people have developed different styles of Tarot cards to suit the tastes of a wide range of people interested in divination. Individuals may have preferences based upon their own taste and intuition- some cards may 'speak' to one person better than other cards, but none is superior over the other. At the end of the day, Tarot is an interpretation of what comes through the cards based upon your own intuition. The standard Tarot deck for some time has been the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, however that is not to say that this is the only one that 'works', it is just one that many start with because there is a lot written on it.

3. Reading Your own Tarot Cards brings bad luck

This one is a myth, however there is a reason that you should not read your own Tarot, but it does not have anything to do with bad luck. Tarot works on intuition. The cards are laid out in particular patterns and the story unfolds as you read them. When you attempt to read your own Tarot, or that of a family member or friend, you already have part of the story. Your mind already has pre conceived ideas about the past , present or their possible future. It is a form of bias that exists from having information on the individual you are reading. It is a bit like giving a movie review after having read the book and not watched the movie. You may think you know what is going to happen, but they often change things that you are not aware of- you cannot predict it because you are already biased.  In saying that, I often do a one card a day reading for myself. Just a simple question for the day. It is a form of practice, I have no real preconceived ideas about the day and I personally find that it works well. I have certainly never had any bad luck from doing so, but to do a full reading would not be accurate.

4.Tarot Readings are 100% accurate

Tarot cards are not a science. The answers are intuitively guided and therefore are open to interpretation. This is why many Tarot readers cannot read the Tarot for themselves or for their family. The Tarot is a tool to help you figure out your past actions and your present actions so that you can help yourself in the future. They are not 100% accurate and should never be taken as such. If a Tarot reader ever tells you that anything is 100% certain- Run Far Away!

5. There are good Tarot cards and bad Tarot cards

This one is a bit like saying that there are good children and bad children. Everyone who has had children or has had anything to do with children- i.e. has been a child themselves, knows that there is no such thing as a good child, nor is there such a thing as a bad child. A child's behaviour is simply a reflection of the time and space in which there actions have been deemed as either good or bad. Plenty of people have the "death" card come up in Tarot readings and they think that they or a loved one will die. The death card is not a bad card. It represents endings, not death per se. 

6. Tarot Cards are Magic

Saying that Tarot Cards are magic, is a bit like saying that gravity is magic. Just because one does not understand how something works, does not make it magic. It does, however, make it more expensive and easier to sell to people who do not understand. Everyone wants a magical answer to their problems (including me), but it doesn't make it true. Tarot cards are ink and paper- some tarot cards  are prettier than others, some may be easier to interpret than others, but they are not magic. The person interpreting them is using intuition, not magic.

7. You cannot buy your own first Tarot Deck

This one is also not true. Nothing bad will happen to you if you purchase your own Tarot Deck. It may be nice to receive a Tarot Deck as a gift, but if you are waiting to be an apprenticed Tarot reader to a highly gifted psychic- you are going to be waiting a very long time.  The main thing to consider when buying your very first Tarot deck is the available resources that you have to interpret the meanings and learn the Tarot. This is why many Tarot beginners start with the Standard Rider Waite Deck. Because this Tarot Deck has had been around for quite some time, there are many available resources, both paid and free for learning it, thus making it one of the easiest decks for beginners.

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