Simple Candle Magic Spell for Drawing or Dispelling

Simple Candle Magic Spell for Drawing or Dispelling

Have you ever sat in your "muggle" lounge chair watching Harry Potter, or Practical Magic and wondered whether or not you could also perform magic spells? If you have, this could be the gateway to the wizarding world that you have been looking for!

This simple spell using candle magic is perfect for drawing in or dispelling things in your life. It is an easy and accessible way to start with magic spells, requiring not much more than a candle and a knife to perform. If you would like to transition through the gateway into the magical world, this is a good beginner spell!


In order to perform this spell you will need:

  • A candle (of appropriate colour to your intention- i.e. pink for love, yellow for confidence, blue for harmony, green for prosperity)  
  • A boline, knife or scalpel for carving your candle.
  • Matches or a lighter to light your candle
  • A sacred space in which to work with minimal distractions if possible!

* if you are unsure of the appropriate candle colour for your intention check out our post on common candle colours and their meanings, here).

Yellow candle used for a candle magic spell, in front of a picture of a new moon and behind an athame


Performing Your Candle Magic Spell

  • Prior to starting your spell, figure out your intention and gather your materials.
  • If you want to draw something towards you, perform this spell on a new moon. If you want to dispel something, perform it on a waning moon.
  • Write the name of your intention on your chosen candle in a vertical direction. If it is something you wish to draw towards yourself, write it from the top to the bottom, if you wish to dispel it, write it from the bottom to the top.
  • Light your candle and spend time visualising what you wish to manifest.
  • Visualise your intentions for as long as you can and when you cannot hold concentration anymore, extinguish your candle. Repeat this every night until the moon has completed its cycle of waxing or waning.
  • Don’t throw the candle away, instead, bury or burn the candle debris.
  • Don’t talk about the spell, once it is done, forget it and let it work it’s magic!


As with all spells, try to be specific. The more specific you are, the clearer your intention is and the easier your spell can manifest. e.g. if you want to draw someone's love towards yourself, use a pink spell candle and write " "insert name's" love" from the top of your candle to the bottom of your candle. Do not just write the word "love" as this could end up with you receiving any kind of love from anywhere- and you may not want that!

Let us know if you try this spell. Do you have any favourite candle spells? We would love to hear about them!

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