Skeleton Keys - Symbolism and Magickal Uses

Skeleton Keys - Symbolism and Magickal Uses

Skeleton Keys (also known as passkeys) are keys that have had the serrated edge removed so that they can be used to open a variety of different locks.

The term skeleton in skeleton key is applied to reference the fact that it has been filed down to its bare skeleton (without the serrated edge).

It is a type of master key and as such is a powerful symbol within occult and magickal practice.

The key within magick is a symbol of unlocking and of locking. It can be used to gain access to locked areas, or set boundaries to protect oneself from harm. The reference to locking and unlocking within this concept is in reference to the realms of the unseen- both spiritual and mental. It is not a literal translation i.e. if you want to unlock affections form another, this key will not physically unlock the door to their house- just their heart ;)

Skeleton keys can be used in numerous types of spells such as:

  • Love spells for unlocking affections.
  • Creativity spells for unlocking creative potential.
  • Spells to unlock psychic power.
  • Spells to remove/ unlock blockages within your life.

silver skeleton key sitting on top of a drawing of a key and heart shaped lock, with the words "you hold the key to my heart"

Traditionally a skeleton key is hung above the doorway of your home for protection.

They are used as gateways for divination as the way into or out of the physical realm or to call on spirits.

Keys are also associated with the Goddess Hecate. Hecate is often seen holding keys and is known as the key bearer. She is said to hold the keys to other worlds and liminal spaces (spaces between worlds) and as such can help you to unlock and go beyond your limitations. 

Because keys are such a powerful symbol, they are often used within magick. They can be worn to remind the wearer of their own ability to unlock their potential, or can be used in spells for specific purposes. They can also be placed upon the altar as a way to access the other worlds.

Let us know if you have ever used keys in your magickal practice and what your experiences have been?

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