Best and Worst Candle Colours For Protection Magick

Best and Worst Candle Colours For Protection Magick

Involving all of the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water in the production and burning of candlescandle magick is quite a powerful and well rounded  magickal practise (plus who doesn't love a pretty candle, am I right?)

Even though it can be quite an intuitive form of magick, there are some general colour correspondences in candle magick which have been used with quite a bit of success and therefore have become the go to colours for certain types of magick.

Protection magick is one form of magick where certain colours reign supreme, and others are ill advised.

When looking at colours that should and should not be used, it is a good idea to think of how the colour acts in the real world.  

When we look at the colour black (yeah I know it is not technically a colour, but for the sake of this post it is) it draws your eye inwards. Black absorbs (think of a black hole). This is why black is such a good colour for protection magick. It hides in the dark, absorbing the intent before it reaches you.

orange distress flare

On the other hand, colours such as orange are loud and bright. They signal, "here I am, come get me" which is why they are not usually recommended in protection magick. Bright colours signal your location (think of sending up flares when you are lost). This is what makes them great for success, promotions and fame, but not so great if you are trying to hide.

Generally speaking, the brighter the colour, the more likely it is unsuitable for protection Magick.

Colours that Should Be Used In Protection Magick

Now we have a general idea of how the colours are viewed, here are some of the colours that should be used in protection magick:

Black- The ideal colour. Black candles act to absorb energy, (black absorbs the light), therefore making it a fantastic colour for protection magic. It will absorb the negative energy and ill intent. It is also great for banishing and uncrossing. 

Grey- Grey is the great neutraliser. Grey will neutralise any intent that is thrown your way and simply dissolve it. The balance of black and white contained within grey acts to draw in undesirable energies and send them back out towards the universe.

Blue- Blue is a good colour for protection when it comes to anything legal, or when pursuing spiritual pursuits or dreamwork.

Brown- Brown candles can be added to a protection spell to send the negative energies towards the earth.

Red: Red kind of breaks the rules here. Being a bright colour, you would think that it would not be suitable for protection magick, however red has a long association with anger, war and battles (when someone is seeing red they are angry). This association makes red a suitable colour to let your enemies know that you are not to be messed with. Basically you are saying that you know they are there and they need to stop- or else.

black candle for protection magic


Colours NOT To Use In Protection Magic

So now we know which colour to use, which colours should you not use in protection magick?

The worst colours for protection magick are: Orange & Yellow.

Each of these colours works by drawing things towards them. They are magnetising colours. If they are to be used in protection spells, they would act more as a decoy, drawing the energy towards them while another part works to neutralise the negative energy.

Remember, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own magick. If you disagree with these colour correspondences, feel free to use your own. Magick is quite an intuitive process and if you feel drawn to use a certain colour, that may be what you need to go with.

These colours are also quite culturally specific. I am of European descent, and my reading material and learning is also of European descent, making any recommendations that I give, from a Eurocentric viewpoint. If your upbringing calls for a different colour, use it. Test it. Record it in your journal. See what works for you.

Let us know in the comments section, which is your go to candle colour for protection?

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