Which Size Candles Should You Use In Your Spells?

Which Size Candles Should You Use In Your Spells?

Unlike other things in life, when it comes to candle magic, size truly does matter.

The size of your candle should be matched with the size of your spell. It’s a bit like transport. If you wish to transport 50 people to a concert you do not do it in a ford hatchback, you hire a bus!

Knowing which candles to use in which scenarios is actually quite easy if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my desired outcome simple or complex?
  • Is it a long term solution I require or a short term fix?
  • Is this an ongoing spell such as working with an ancestor/ deity etc
  • Is the spell specific- i.e. does it require person a to fall in love with person?

Once you have asked the previous questions, you will know which candles to use. 

spell chime candles in front of brass singing bowl

For simple quick spells: spell candles, chime or votive candles reign supreme.  

They offer a quick intense burst of energy but their effects are not long lasting.

For big or complex spells, you will need long-burning candles, 7 day candles or large pillar candles. These types are ideal for long term spells such as ongoing spells or for use as a primary altar candle.

female naked figure candle on a wooden table

 For spells with specific outcomes such as requiring two people to fall in love, figure candles may be more appropriate.

For spells which require the candle to be moved throughout the spell, medium sized candles are better.

Votive, chime, or tealight candles are good for quick spells. They are also ideal for adding a short burst of energy to a spell or for use in spells that need to build up energy over time (for example you may burn one a day for weeks instead of using a large candle).

Knowing which candles to use for various situations will help to increase your spells success.

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