Which Tarot deck is best for beginners?

Which Tarot deck is best for beginners?

Throughout the world today there are numerous types of Tarot Decks. There are of course the basic Thoth Tarot & the Rider Waite Tarot; however there are also Tarot Decks based around animals, symbols or mythical creatures. There are even Tarot Decks based upon Disney movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney Villains Tarot.

3 tarot decks laid over each other

With all of this choice, you may be wondering, which Tarot Deck is right for me?

The simple answer to the question is that no particular Tarot Deck is necessarily "right" or "wrong". There are some, however, that are more suited to people starting their Tarot journey.

The most noteworthy Tarot Deck for beginners is the  Rider Waite Tarot DeckThe Rider Waite Deck is one of the oldest Tarot Decks still available, and has the most information written about it. There have been numerous books published on interpreting the Rider Waite Tarot and there is also plenty of information online.

Rider Waite Standard tarot Deck

The reason that the Rider Waite Deck is so popular amongst beginners is that all of the cards within the deck, including the Minor Arcana, depict full scenes with figures and symbols. This makes learning, reading, and interpreting the meaning of the cards much easier because the scenes act as memory prompts enabling the reader to interpret the cards without having to consult a book, especially in the initial phases of learning. The pictures directly correlate to the meanings, unlike some other Tarot Decks that use only symbols or more ambiguous pictures. 

So if you are looking for a Tarot Deck to begin learning Tarot, the Rider Waite Deck might be the best one you could use! In saying that, there is no best deck, just ones that appear to  be easier for most people to learn. If the Rider Waite Deck does not resonate with you and another deck really catches your eye, there is no reason that you should not use that one instead!

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