recycled tins used as pot plant holders

Living Simply, Simply Living

Looking around at the world today, it is easy to fall into a negative thinking cycle. The world has countries at war. Australia has inflation, lettuce shortages and don't get me started on petrol and electricity prices.

This is why at Cygnet Studio, we have decided to dedicate some time to share some of our favourite tips and tricks on living simply so that you can afford to simply live!

Instead of spending your hard earned cash on simply living, you can live simply and spend it on the things you enjoy and take pleasure in.

Living Simply is a function of getting back to basics. Living simply includes:

  1. Recycling instead of buying new.
  2. Simple food.
  3. Living with nature, not against it.

We hope that if you have made it here, you find something of value.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any ideas or concepts that you would like to share!

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