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6 of our Favourite Ways to Celebrate International Fairy Day

Who doesn't love an excuse to celebrate?  Especially if celebrating means that you can escape into a fantasy land of magic and Fairy tale creatures?

International Fairy Day is celebrated June 24th. Here we have compiled our 6 favourite ways to celebrate International Fairy Day!

1. Walk barefoot in nature.

Embrace the natural beauty of the world around you.


Photograph By Dominik Martin


2. Make Fairy Bread or Fairy Cakes.

Seriously, is there any better way to celebrate International Fairy Day than with sprinkles? (The answer is no in case you are wondering 😉). If you have for whatever reason never heard of fairy bread here's the recipe. Take a slice of bread and spread with butter (or Nutella) then add sprinkles! See, simple! Kids can help by putting the sprinkles on top- and licking the spoon clean of Nutella!

Sprinkles in hand

Photography by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈


3. Dress up. 

Put on a flowy skirt and some fairy wings if you own them and embrace your playful fairy nature!

Two girls dressed as fairies



4. Build a Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens are one of the nicest ways to Celebrate International Fairy Day! Find a nice spot in your garden, or just a nice place you like to visit and either place a fairy door  or make a garden by foraging natural materials and building and decorating a fairy dwelling. With a little imagination you can have a beautiful fairy garden in no time!

 Celestial Fairy Door by Cygnet Studio 

5. Read a Fairy Tale Book

Photography by Adam Winger

6.Watch a movie about Fairies 

If you and your children are not into reading, why not grab your fairy bread and put on a favourite Fairy movie such as Tinkerbell or The Wizard of Oz?

Tinkerbell and gnomes

Photography by dinu j nair

 If you would like to learn more about the fairies

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